Academic Research on SoundCloud Mobile app

Hello everybody!

I am currently attending a MSc in IT and I am seeking participants for our survey regarding User Experience with SoundCloud mobile app.
I am a massive lover of electronic music and I obviously use SoundCloud to retrieve soundtracks wich I like. I decided to conduct a UX Evaluation on the app because I literally use it anywhere at any time, therefore I am interested on uncover issues and find ways to improve it. But now I need as many user experiences as possible.
I know you might be busy and want to enjoy your Christmas holiday without filling forms in of some random strangers, but your help would be really appreciated. It will take about 10/15 minutes to complete it all. The most of the questions are open so that participants can freely express their opinions.
If you will ever come to Brighton (UK), in change I promise you the best nights out in the best clubs as well as some unforgettable Italian company (and food).

Here is the link of the survey (it has been edited with Google Forms):

Thank you very much for your support,

take care (and have a nice Christmas, of course)