Adult Ruffness

Bass in ya face London!!! All tunes except some of the Money P tunes from this year. Ruff ryde!!!


1.Duggu by Madd Again!
2.Blaze Fiyah by Dj Madd
3.Saw by Pol Style
4.Dem Ah Pree by Madd Again!
5.Black Rose (Blawan remix) by Source Direct
6.Momma On Da Flo (feat Feadz) by Big Dope P
7.MDMA by Paul Woolford
8.Need Sum Time by DJ Haus (UTTU)
9.Damage by Special Request
10.Some Kinda Woodstick by Ltd Colours
11.New Shapes In The Air by Pangaea
12.Speak by With You
13.Break up III Tk4. by Shed
14.Ruffian by Gramrcy
15.Futile by Otik
16.Quadrat by Vacated
17.Day & Night (Day mix) by Tqd
18.Shotta (Kahn & Neek remix) by Royal-T
19.Shotta (feat P Money) by Royal T
20.Ready To Go by Blastto
21.Searching For Jah (with Michael Prophet) by Vibronics
22.Dread (Gorgon Sound Remix) by Kahn
23.Poppit (feat Flowdan) by Madd Again!
24.Bigga Meat by Prince Rapid
25.Cuss Match by Merky Ace
26.Hater by Money P
27.Regicide by Ipman
28.Bar Code by J Beatz
29.Blink by K Man The Phantom
30.Effing OG by Money P & Blacks
31.Going To War by Money P & Blacks