I don’t have a lot of money so I use the demo of FL Studio and Massive, and I can’t save my massive patches, so I make the sounds, place the notes, export, and hope for the best. But I cant change things in the sound or change the notes which is terrible. (Massive demo crashes after 30 min.) So, I bought some loop packs yesterday and I’m wondering if I should just produce with loops until I can afford massive?

If you want to learn synthesis whilst you’re saving, switch to free programs;

Reaper as a DAW -

Synth1 for synthesis -

Plenty of loop/sample packs out there for free. Buying a loop pack seems a bit backward if you want to save for Massive.

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word you dont need money to make music

Burial made Untrue with a shoelace and a trial version of mspaint


^ +1000.

In fact there are plenty of full-powered, great sounding synths for free out there these days - and Reaper is powerful as fuck.

tools ≠ talent. :man_with_turban:

I didn’t know there was a free DAW that was good :open_mouth: ty man!

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Why does it say I can use reaper for only 60 days?

So their biz model is: they don’t want to be litigious and try to have to get all lawyer-y about things like cracked versions.

Instead, they think you’ll like it enough to want to give them a little money (and their license is definitely a bargain.) After 60 days, though, it doesn’t stop working, you just get a little nag screen for a few seconds but it still works fine in every way.

Get these as well (scroll down a bit for the plug pack)

Plenty of free VSTs that I’m pretty sure work in Reaper. Togu Audio Line makes some good free VSTs incl. synths and delays.

Will I get in trouble for suggesting to just torrent it all like half of us did? x.x

A lot of those torrents are completely filled with malware and viruses.

That’s why you gotta use the popular torrents =P

Not just the torrents - a lot of “free” crap ( COUGH COUGH do not go there!) is infected worse than Baron Harkonnen’s face.

Scan everything you DL children, and don’t use dodgy torrents hosted on dodgy Russian servers or whatever. LOL. :innocent:

It’s OK to give a little money to the Reaper guys. They’re not Babylon.