Anyone into it?
Mad into fela kuti but fucking £15 for 2 tracks cos there 15-25 mins long is pretty long.
Other than Tony Allen and his band def after more stuff like this.

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Expensive Shit is one if my favourite albums, perfect summer music:

This is a bit off-topic but Goat definitely needs a share. It’s psychedelic rock but it has afrobeat and world music influences. Not sure if people on here are familiar with the band though

Dele Sosimi holding it down for 2k15

Also Kalakuta Millionaires

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ah yeh saw that one on redeye, sounding good! Just yeah need to bloody money to buy all these records haha

not sure if afrobeat but i like

Busy twist is one of the best djs ive seen this year.

Yeah they shut it down everytime i’ve seen em

Nice to hear about Afrobeat fans here !!! Afrobeat is my main stuff. I play barytone sax in a band named Afro Social Club. You can find us on YT…

If I had only one band to share it will be Antibalas. Obviously you guys already know Fela’s music… so Antibalas may be the greatest actual represent of the style…

You may try this to beggin:

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Antibalas’ Marley cover, live on radio:


So my favorites from your Tune of The Day Somalian selection are:


They have this arabic/bollywood style which I wasn’t expecting.

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And that background on the last one is frikking awesome! Green and orange lifeting.

This is pretty catchy too

But I’m not sure if these are “technically” afrobeats

I think Ethiopia is East Africa and according to wiki afrobeats are West African.

Go north across the gulf of Aden and you end up in the Middle East (Yemen), go straight east from the horn and you end up in India.

ah, it makes sense now. on google maps. woah the world is big.

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Bro this is the Afrobeat thread not Afrobeats.
Diff genres