Against The Clock series: Production Inspiration 🤩


Finished track here;

Honestly, one of the best of these I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, this is cool, but def not tapes from his parents as described.

Tapes from his parents that he’d recorded over on some sides…think he mentions having drum machine loops on some of them, and others he’d left as is.

Ahh, ok very cool though.

I’m more interested as to how he’s getting that wavy tape effects seemingly without touching the tape player once it’s playing?

It sounds like its broken

looks a lot like how I work minus the tapes. but just using the trackpad and no hardware or anything, working strictly in the session view. nice

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Does make me think twice about all the drum machines and stuff I’ve got littering the studio.

Scaling back might not be the worse idea…been thinking of selling off my 707 and 727 (which have massive footprints) and just getting a TR-8 instead w/ expansion pack.

And yeah…tapes.

lmao dude if you already got em don’t get rid of em. there’s nothing like hardware but it all boils down to creativity and musicality in the end

which I do not claim to have the slightest


Yeah but if I’ve got two machines taking up a lot of space (the 707 chassis is HUGE compared to what it actually does) and I can swap them out for a TR-8 that does the function of both + 808 + 909 soundbanks, is there really any point keeping the 707/727 just for nostalgia sakes?

Other stuff like my ER1 and stuff, fair enough. They don’t take up as much and have a unique sound (in comparison). Plus selling 2 x old Roland to buy 1 x new Roland makes sense from a cash POV as well.

But I’ll just pontificating here…I’ll probably just keep them and get the TR-8 anyway :badteeth:


Haha this is how I work! I love tape. So many happy accidents come about from recording on cassettes.

Also gonna try something like this on one of those $10 'Coby Walkmans" soon


TBH not that impressed (said man with nothing of his own to offer.)

But really - this kind of on the fly looping is old hat for many; the source is the thing most people are really vibing on (saturation) and so they think it’s amazing, but honestly - a lot of cats have been making tunes like this for DECADES but aren’t making throwaway 4/4 bullshit or capitalizing on the naïveté of younguns thinking “I’ve never heard it before so nobody’s made it before”.

I love tape. This does nothing except remind me of shit like this

And fuck his little cocaine sniffle (if that’s what it is. If not, he needs to see his nan stat.)

Edit: waiting for Tabasco’s pithy shutdown.


FWIW: I’d be happy to replicate this with a 2-step track or any dance genre, any comparable sample, on camera. You provide the genre/sample/camera.


Yeah I was pretty disappointed when he put a four on the floor and clap over that cool rhythm

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It’s a world away from the recent quality of the FACT Against the Clock videos though. That Plastic Ian one was terrible, a lot of them have been sample pack drums with shit three note melodies. Nice to see someone doing something genuinely innovative since the Fracture one;


deffo the best one ive seen, guy is amazing

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Plastic Ian was a huge fucking let down : (

I’ve yet to peep this one though.

Does eh not already have an Ableton template pre-loaded? Which is kinda cheating. But anyway big, 1st one of these I’ve seen