Ago appreciation

While we’re at it, even though I love that track, Community Dub sounds like an obvious bite at LAS’s style… Not one particular tune, but still. The drum sounds, the flute sounds, that sort of vocal sample…

I remember when it was still a dub hearing it in several mixes and thinking “oh new LAS incoming”, then when it went up on Redeye and I listened to the sound clips I was like “wtf this is not LAS, how can it be?”

So… This Wulf character might have some producing skills, but he should probably try a little bit harder to find his/her own sound!

I get a slight over deh so vibe from 96, not a ripoff or anything. But they both always remind me of the other

been digging the second track on that release


while i agree that it’s a good thing for everyone to find their own sound, i also think at the same time that we shouldn’t be too hard on people if their sound “overlaps” a bit too much with someone else’s. i’m talking generally here, but i think producers need room (and time) to develop, and if that means they sound like another producer at some point along the way, i honestly have no problem with that.

at the same time, i also think - if there’s a tune, and it bangs, who cares who made it? who cares what kind of sound it is or who has already “laid claim” to that sound? i think it’s perfectly fine if someone comes along and does it better. no sound has any exclusivity.

but at the same time i def agree with you that it’s generally best for everything - the music, the producers, the fans, the “scene” - if people try to (and succeed in) finding their own sound.

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Agreed, but maybe label owners shouldn’t sign tunes sounding a bit too much like they are from someone else?

Like I said, I like Community Dub, bought the record, play it and enjoy it, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable with it being imo too heavily inspired by LAS. I know for sure that if I ran a label I wouldn’t have signed it, for that very reason, not for a matter of quality.

Anyway… We’re talking about vinyl releases of underground tunes, pressings of probably 500 copies max., so it’s not like someone’s making megabucks on the back of someone else innit :slightly_smiling:

The bassline is created similarly, but that’s about it imo (I think pitch envelope is used on the sub notes).
The same applies to Piezo’s Happy Blue tune for example.

Still, that’s just inspiration or infuence, like you said they just have a similar vibe. It’s definitely not copying the whole tune in terms of arrangement, sounds, etc. like Wulf did.

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Tbf all these similar sounding tunes are perfect for mixing :laughing:


YES IM NOT THE ONLY ONE. I always get these two mixed up in my head.

then again you’re talking about the same label that put out electrocution dub and everyone moaned it was a rip off of mere shere (iirc quest had a rant about it on here or on twitter)

not that i mind, couldnt care less if a tune is a complete ripoff from someone else if its a banger, seriously, like at least 80% of reggae and dub are the same riddims recycled again and again

I hadn’t forgotten that either :grinning:

Fair enough, even though the context isn’t exactly the same.

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yo on topic of ago. Does anyone know if anything is happening with that trust inc tune??

it was taken off his soundcloud which I imagine means it’s been signed, no idea by who or when tho…back in 96 was on his soundcloud literally for years (iirc) before it came out on innamind

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i hope backlash comes out too then


I suspect he might have a forthcoming release on Crucial, fits in there imo, also Sleeper has been battering his tunes in the podcasts

Yeah Backclash is the one, massive destroyer!

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lmao ago was playing on chew and wulf came in the chat, as soon as wulf came in ago played TWIWTABI96 and said in the chat ‘i bet you know this one right?’


Meow! Hahaha

Seems that Backlash is finally getting a release

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yhhhh used to rinse the sc clip before, but it sounds way diff in there for some reason?

I don’t think so man, if anything it sounds polished to me, which is good, it’s probably a mastered version
Or maybe you mean all the delayed effects etc., I think it’s just a kind of a watermark he’s put on the track

Too bad the clip is so short

yeah i think maybe its coz im used to hearing it with the big 808 sounding basses that come in later on and the watermark as well