Ago appreciation

Someone needs to release this

EDIT: This might aswell be an appreciation thread

its forthcoming , could be innamind

Really got the same sound like Wulf’s ‘Ego Dub’. Anybody knows a relation between these two tracks?
Both are great tracks! Ego Dub is killer on vinyl!

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Yeah the relation is that Wulf totally ripped off Ago’s track.
I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it.


Do you have any proof of this?
The two tracks sound very similar indeed, but personally I wouldn’t go so far as to blatantly call plagiarism.
In a lot of these situations it is merely a coincidence which people read too much into.
It’s not as if this is an uncommon phenomenon in electronic music, but there’s very few instances of actual plagiarism that I can think of.
That being said, the possibility exists of course.


i just don’t hear it (the Community Dub comparison)

there is a sound in …'96 that reminds me a lot the sound in the intro of Trust Nobody, could be sampled, not that there’s anything wrong with that. i just hear it every time i hear the '96 track

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It’s Wulf’s Ego Dub:

It does sound very similar to Ago’s '96, but for me the Ago track is superior. I wouldn’t say it was plagiarism, but probably ‘extreme inspiration’ or something lol

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oh true, got the tune wrong

still, idk, yeah i do hear some similarities but i don’t think they’re that significant. that’s just the way i see it

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Both heavy tunes.
Imo it is plagarised.
Just think:

-Same sample
-Same vibe
-Similar aesthetics
-Made at the same time
-Within the same genre/scene
-By two similar producers

Byt I don’t care cause they are both sick and sound weighty on my system :grimacing:

Everything you listed can be attributed to the specifications of this type of music as a subgenre, even the use of the same sample (to a degree).
Speaking of which, would you happen to know the specific sample used?

The latter 3?

Especially those three, it only makes sense that producers who release music at around the same time in the same genre are influenced by each other and the scene in general .
Of course if they have the same kind of mentality when it comes to making tunes some of them might end up sounding very similar indeed but I would hardly call that plagiarism.
In fact, most actual cases of charged plagiarism involve artists who copy a piece of music which is already dated so as to increase the odds of nobody ever finding out.


The fact that they are in the same genre and scene convinces me even more that it was plagerised!
It means that they are more likely to hear each others tunes.
Anyway it is just my opinion.

I can understand how you’ve come to that conclusion, and I respect your opinion.
I do agree with @swerver though, I think '96 is the better tune out of the two but they both sound great IMO.

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Of course I think 96 is the better tune.
I’m on the side of saying Wulf copied Ago.
But I also don’t care cause they are both elite

man its a huge fucking blatant ripoff lmfaooo
got some kinda hiphoppy vocal sample in there, almost note for note bassline with 808 sounding one shots, real similar percussion, vibe is basically the same just ago’s has better production lol. i dont know how you can rip something off that hard and then release it still.
edit: even has the same snare cmon man

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just gna leave this here

One of the few dubstep releases I’ve bought in the past few weeks, such a wicked couple of tunes

thats hardly comparable to ego dub level of ripoff. i wouldnt even clal that a ripoff at all, the melody is slightly similar but thats it really