Ago x Radar Radio - 04/04/2018 by Innamind/Blacklist. :blazing:



yeah getting into this now, good way to start the working day on a Friday!
Roll with the punches remix @ 9 mins is interesting


That horror show style remix at the end is nuts, can anyone ID it? Lock Arff blend was sick, big mix!


yeah really enjoyed this, lovely blends and selection.


big up @hirszu on getting air time :gunfinger:


Thanks mate. I’m quite honored, Ago is definitely one of my favourite DJs. A perfect blend of sunny dubby vibes and smooth bangers.


Even if it is on Rapist- er, Radar Radio… :badteeth:

Srsly doe big up yrself.


Where’s your tune in the mix mate, might be one of the many I’m trying to ID lol




Anyone got an idea what comes in at 17:00?