Akai MPD218

Hi guys,
My son has shown an interest in wanting to produce his own dubstep. I know that he would really appreciate having an actual pad controller. I’ve been looking around at all the different software and pads and came across the Akai MPD218. It comes with a big software bundle that includes many drums samples and Ableton Live Lite. I know that a pad is not necessary to produce music, but my son is only 12 and I am sure he would really appreciate it and it would be a Christmas gift at the same time.
Being that I have never produced any type of music before, I thought about coming on here to ask the experts what you thought about this pad. Does it have all the features one would need for dubstep or should I look for something with some specific features/functions? …in the same price range though, hopefully…:smile:
Thanks in advance!

I like and have used this one MPK Mini

cool because you get pads,knobs,and keys plus it fits in a laptop case:)
Edit:also i wouldn’t worry about the software that comes w/ stuff like this…there is plenty of free drum samples and even free Daw’s online that are okay to start with and test the waters.Plus you should be able to get the controller to work with most software fairly easily.

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nano key 2