Alert - Mercury's Witch [Oblivion Fringe 167]

[Oblivion Fringe 167] Alert “Mercury’s Witch”

01: Mercury’s Witch
02: Brimstoned

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mastered by Vatik

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Mercury’s Witch



Mercury’s Witch is superb. Love the techstepping robot takeover vibe.
That little breakdown with the airy pads is LUSH.
Brimstoned is very cool, it sounds like it’s D&B but it’s not. I think it’s the hat on the 2 & 4, gives it an urgent percussive d&b vibe. Like it a lot.

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thanks for listening & the feedback, much appreciated

I’ve been recently remixing a bunch of old DnB tracks of mine (as well as Techno), so that’s probably where that vibe showed up from


Sounds perfect. Cool ones