All Hail Commodo


not if it’s about medi face investigations


speaking of haircuts, Kahn…


wrong video :slight_smile:

3:35 in tho :cornlol:


3:16:30 sounds like Commodo to me? Big tuna


yeah that’s commodo, i think that was also in his medi mix from earlier this year


fucking lol at this post :cornlol:


that’s definitely commodo, as i think is the 2nd bit after that, massive tune as well


Leeroy again. Seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Release soon I hope!

On a side note, this mix sounds pretty nuts - have to give it a proper listen.




This is called No Radio


cheeky d/l link? :lol_og:


Sounds kinda similar to Solid Gold Telephone. Nice one. I really got a give a proper listen to that Kahn BR Lima mix.


is it? i assumed that’s just to tell DJs to not to play it on radio haha


Tru say haha, well when I looked over Samba’s should it was called Commodo - No Radio


It was already played in Kahn & Neek’s essential mix

@Sir_Hiss I think I clocked your remix of this tune in your recent Radar show? :wink:




dunno how i haven’t listened to that yet


Leroy/Whatever its called is already off youtube, anyone got a link for the Vivek Radar show it was on? Pissed i can’t listen to it again.


He requested me to take it down, I was expecting that tbh.

The tune starts at 1:45:09 though


loefah’s had a haircut, you heard it here first