All Hail Commodo


Bump. Still looking for a few of those charming tracks Gatineau called out, particularly 47-48 and 51-53. Any IDs?

edit: One of them is K-LONE - Barbarossa.


Alright got it. It’s not Commodo though, the ID is Sir Hiss - Danny Uzi


vid’s dead, is that the one with the weird bellish percussion? that’s a sick tune.

thanks for the id on the sir hiss tune, was wondering about that as well. sounded super sick on the Void system <3


There’s a rip on YT now

Best tune I heard in ages. Heard it at the Void and also the Bandulu boat party, it was sick

Yeah I think Rikers is the tune you’re thinking about


Oh sick, that’s based on a Lil Uzi Vert beat, which itself samples the song in a Ravioli advert lol


sir hiss has some jokes stuff on his youtube account


think there might be some Danny Weed in there too


This goes off in the dance, nice tune


it’s not Rikers tho


title got corrected


Isn’t that the one called Leeroy?


Yes finally a YT rip :gunfinger:
Fingers crossed for a Medi release soon, this tune or any other tbh, a double pack is a dream


Tunnidge has been tweeting bits of wot must be egoless’s face lately (medi already have commodo’s ofc) so i reckon it’ll be that egoless plate next…hope so anyway lol




could be a new commodo face (like for kromestar and tunnidge), doesnt look much like egoless tbf

i’m just wishfully hoping its a new commodo face and we get leeroy b/w rikers soon tbh


could be commodo…egoless might have had a haircut tho lol…as much as i want new commodo my money’s still on egoless



Or maybe Truth had a new haircut :badteeth:


I’m all about the new gantz plate he


ah shit yeah he played this in hull
he played a lot of sick dubs tbh


egoless has indeed had a haircut.

talking haircuts here seems weird