All Hail Commodo


hope so lol, weird that grinsta’s redeye link doesn’t work now, it doesn’t even show up as sold out on redeye

fucking mental price for 4 tracks tho :frowning:


Probably redeye being too early again haha. But yeah fucking hell it’s expensive, though there’s always the risk it’ll end up going for 50+ at some point


Lol i will bend over and take it ofc, apparently there will be more copies available monday


I think it’s just the usual hype game. They are selling some pre-orders, which are gone in no time. But upon official release there will be enough for everyone. I did not receive a refund for this plate yet, I hope they did not oversell like with the Bandulu plate back in de day.

I have Twitter notifications for redeye so I’m always notified when they list somethIng lol


it hasn’t even been announced yet, just that short video teaser so redeye and white peach have leaked yet another release earlier than initially intended.


I really don’t get it. Shouldn’t the artist/label tell the record shops when to release the plate on their site? It’s even saturday. I imagine the situation like this:

„Jheez it’s saturday, what should we do? Hmmm maybe put this new Commodo plate online…"



Rough Trade got some preorders up…


Wow £25


Yeah innit why is it so expensive??

At first I thought those prices meant it came with something extra, but I’m not sure at this point.


Waiting on the Black Acre store to list it, picked up the last album from there for £22.22 posted


Yeah same bud, rough trade are selling his album for £25 and its only £18 on the black acre website. So if the ep is £25 on rough trade then it must be around £18 from them… right :s


Up now on the black acre site, £5 cheaper than the shops!


Thanks for the heads up. Copped. This better be worth it!


20 quid on black acre bandcamp…but £7.25 shipping lmao


I dont’ get it. The commodo album on 2x12 was £18 … with 12 tracks!


How many did your Order? Only cost me 3.75 for postage.


People saying this is Bitch & Moan. Probably my favourite out of his recent dubs


Same here, I ordered another record too.

Stupidly shipped to my previous address, hope they’re able to easily change it.




Back in at redeye again.