All Hail Commodo


Any idea how much it was on here? Still need to buy the album and it’s only £18 on Commodos band camp


it was 20 bucks.

It’s not back, it’s already called a repress


Repress lol
Where the first press at


Not available anymore. Prob because its on the release



bought the digi, seriously… i’m not paying that for two 10s




They didn’t call it re-press when I originally posted it and has the same due date.


I didn’t order it, already preordered from rough trade


Am I tripping or is there an extra bar in the intro


just counted it out, it is an extra bar


From Black Acre themselves: “2x10” vinyl + picture sleeve ain’t cheap I’m afraid!” Understandable for an indie label I guess but prices have been getting out of hand in all distros recently.


Where in the world is the Rikers / Daytona 12"? It was announced the first days of this year, and actual pictures of the 12" was also posted, but we have nothing yet.


silkie plate coming out before that.

fuck knows when though, i too am waiting for it… almost seems like they’re stretching it out over the whole year (which sucks)


I mentioned this way too many times before in the past about Deep Medi… but it sounds like there could’ve been another distro fuckup and they’re trying to keep it under wraps or as lowkey as possible. No way they could’ve announced a 12" the first day of the year, show pictures of the 12" about a couple of months later, and still have nothing about it yet by mid-July.

smh this is what’s really killing dubstep :neutral_face:


We went over this in another thread iirc, deep medi press up multiple releases en masse apparently, even if they’re not being released for months