All Hail Commodo


nice one for working clips! sounding niiiiice


How Dare You = that Godzilla tune that really makes you think about your life i’ve been after for the last 2 years

Sleepwave and Russian Glass are amazing


you can cop set it straight from junodownload as well. just copped the wav.


dafuq! it ain’t released until 8th April - not even the digital, I can’t download it from Juno Download anyway - it just says forthcoming and all that



It’s just that 1 tune that’s available.


Not much to say but :gunfinger:

Have wanted quite a few tunes on there for awhile, instant cop once up on redeye.


Copped from databeats. I always buy any vinyl released by medi/tectonic - anything on databeats from databeats website cos you get to download 320s free of whatever you buy on vinyl (the download links also stay in your ‘my account’ section). I think all labels should do this tbh, if you’re buying the vinyl you should automatically get at least the 320 imo.


Bandcamp messed up order and sent a link to download full album.


Ah shit page not found


Haha really? You get all the files?


Managed to get only 320’s while I was at work. Later in the day got an email from BlackAcre asking to keep it to myself as it is not released until April.


Are we all unanimous that Commodo is the best producer outside of the ‘golden era’ then


for me pretty much yeah, probably DJ too.


im gonna cry, missed out on the clips


Clips for all of the tracks were up on there guess they got told to take them down.


yeah figured, gotta wait until april i guess


Must have been a mistake + selling that tune as well lol


ha stoked to have a copy of that tune, would be super stoked to have the whole album! big ups.


does every Commodo release go with an unfortunate leak now?