All Hail Commodo


Did they take it down? I can’t even see a pre-order on their page.


Thank you juno for the basic naming scheme, able to just enter the item number and pull the samples.
Remove if not allowed mods.


saving them down in case this gets removed :grin:



that was on youtube like yr and a half ago for such a peng few hours

feeling blessed rite now 100


jheeze that tune with trim


Innit! Like an Alix Perez beat on roids


also must mention how happy I am to finally be getting floods <3


damn, missed the previews. can u pls send em cream or anyone


thanks dewd


My Liege is big!


so i’m gonna be that guy. some nice bits on there but not overly impressed after the first listen.


Man, it’s two minute clips, that were probably selected at random, of full tracks, stfu :cornlol:


yea you’re right, like most times there’s probably a huge difference between the 2 min previews and the full tracks. especially with the 8 minutes build ups / progressions commodo usually has in his tunes. :badteeth:


Don’t want to disappoint you but there is no 8 min build-ups :(. Most tracks are within 2.30-3.30 minutes length. Listened to the full album (got full tracks) few times and got a bit disappointed in the end, only a few strong tracks for me, others feel like a filler to get “album” format (tho I’m just too picky regarding music most of the times).


Yea they took them down and links are now deleted. Got email next day from Black Acre saying that downloads were not intended, and asking to not share them for additional goodies with the vinyl postage. :smirk:


i was being sarcastic. it’s fine to disagree, but the “only 2 min previews” argument is pretty weak. anyway, i agree with you. it’s solid, but it’s far from mindblowing like you would expect. releases like the commodo ep, space cash or fuck mountain are top notch from start to finish and that’s what i’m comparing it to.


tbf you’re comparing a release with 12 songs compared to releases with 2-4 songs, there’s bound to be higher chances of “filler tunes”


i’m comparing his new release to his usual standard and i haven’t heard a filler tune by commodo before. i guess it’s pretty hard to make a really good dubstep record at album length, but there are people who did it (like silkie, goth-trad, kromestar) and i expected commodo to be one of them. that being said he’s probably happy with his album and wouldn’t consider any of the tracks filler material.


Actually, to me it doesn’t sound like a dubstep album but rather like a beats album. Lots of tracks are at a slower tempo than 140 bpm. That would also explain its release on Black Acre, which is far from your typical dubstep label.


Completely agree with you. I got a feeling that Commodo starts to experiment with other music styles/genres, which I like. And considering that, Black Acre is probably the best label to release that kind of experimental album.