All vinyl Dusk + Blackdown Keysound Sessions

Keep thinking about doing a mostly vinyl Dusk + Blackdown all night Keysound Sessions. Something like… 10-11: John, Alice & Pharoah - outer limits of '60s jazz
11-12: house music one hour long: Farley Jackmaster Funk, Prescription records, Mood II Swing,
12-1: Roots of dubstep: '00-04. White label Ghost trax, early Tempa, Big Apple TPs etc
1-2: Lost dubs rollout: '03-06 Mala, Burial, Dizzee, Wiley Eskimo full vocal mix, Skream etc
2-3: Detroit special: '87-95 Derrick May, UR, Carl Craig, Red Planet etc
3-4: Calling all junglists: ‘93-97 chopped breaks to early techstep vinyl rollout. Splash “Babylon” to Krust "Soul in Motion."
Hmm, could probably fit a grime white label hour into there somewhere,
probably another hour of Gangstarr, WuTang, Quest. Not sure I have
enough UK funky on vinyl to do an hour but that would be fun. A UK
garage hour too, say nuttin’. Also we have most of “Margins Music” cut to 10" Transition dub, we could roll those out.**

Not going to lie, that sounds stupidly good fun. Just the thought of the last hour of early techstep is getting my nipples hard.

Yeah saw this would be all over it

Guaranteed True Love VIP air out too innit haha

i saw this come up too


and lights se25 and dizzee-win

Yeah, I’d be so on that. Get it in a nice, little dark venue, would be vibes.
Refreshing not to hear a whole night of the same genre.

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Not gunna get my hopes up but I’d be there if it ever happened.