Amazing tunes from unexpected artists/producers

Sick tunes that break with the artists style or just stand out tunes from less good artists

Any genre but electronic stuff is prolly more interesting for this

They make bait 5 panel hau5, but this is a percy

you know this one but fuck it, fits the thread


was thinking about this when i got the idea for this thread but forgot and had to go with zeds dead

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I suppose EDM DJs pre EDM stuff is gonna be a theme but its still funny to me this is laidback luke:


yeah actually pretty good for them lol

watching the video along w the tune makes it worse i swear though


Lol yeah the videos very Murcia spring break vibes

But if you just play the tune alongside the more banging Boddika, Redlight etc stuff from the early 2010s it fits right in

like 60% percent of these tunes is buildups

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Hit me is honestly a fuckin choon

Could mix well with some benga or joker type stuff