Ambient/experimental stuff mix (Old Apparatus, Brian Eno...)

not as much a mix as a selection, can’t really beatmatch ambient eh

DJ Food – The Sky At Night
Aphex Twin – Rhubarb
Old Apparatus – Lingle
Vessel - Black Leaves And Fallen Branches
XVII – Movies For The Blind
Burial – UK
Amon Tobin – In Your Own Time
Lukid - Snow Theme
John Carpenter – Assault On Precint 13
Illum Sphere – The Aftermath
Brian Eno – Lux (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Venetian Snares – P
Boards Of Canada – The Smallest Weird Number
Old Apparatus – Zimmer
Harmonia – Hausmusik
Clark – Primary Balloon Landing
Emptyset – Monad
Roly Porter – Caladan
Dalhous – Information Is Forever
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)


Tracklist looks great. Got a dl by any chance?

there you go:


Tracklist looks nice! Gonna give this a listen tonight.


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hey all… is there someone from the old gang around?
so i thought i’ll just dig up an existing thread instead of ego-boosting a new one just to share a mixtape…

Seduction - Fragility
Varg & AnnaMelina - Hug Me Like You Love Me
Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1721121
S S S S - Shifting Places II
[A voice from Syria]
Anthony Linell - Leaves of Glass
暗号零 - 阴影
Irrelevant - Vague Memories III (B2)
Phrex - MFA
Donato Dozzy - Valentina
Ahmad - Searching For Guideness feat. Akinsa
Jan van Oort - PEONY
Mixmaster Morris & Pete Namlook - Hymn
Aleksi Perälä - Fluorescence
Lcp - Rural Nightline
Versalife - Dataleak
Muslimgauze - Beirut Transister
[A voice from Syria]

for cold winterdays.


thanks for the bump lol

that tracklist looks nice, downloading :twothumbsup:

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Good necrobump. Would have missed these otherwise. Straight on the DL

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Yo, any chance you can make it DL’able?

Nice selections :twothumbsup:

Good to see ya again too

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aight! i never really disappeared - just been silent :wink:
it is already downloadable…?

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Cheers, wasn’t able to do it on my phone for some reason.

Listening at work, so good.

:musical_note: :grouphug: :musical_note:

bigup. so u can use headphones at work? :slight_smile:

Yep - some days at least. It’s nice.