Ambient/Noise/Weirdo Selection recorded while suffering from Swine Flu

This is a mix I did ages ago that was done as a guest mix for a radio show but since I’ve heard a couple people express an interest in hearing it again recently I to upload it. I was asked for a mix but had swine flu at the time so replied it wasn’t gonna happen for a while. Karis, whose radio show it was for suggested that I make the most of the situation and whilst still all delusional from the fever do a mix that mirrored my state. I thought this seemed like a fun idea and so once I was able to do anything apart from lie in bed all day hallucinating from a high temperate I forced myself to put together this.

No dance music or anything.

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Cool will check
Flu hallucinations are weird

how dramatic! Listening now.

Haha great idea, downloading!

Cheers for listening. It’s old as hell but I thought as I was uploading it to soundcloud I may as well post it here too.