AMIT / AMAR Records appreciation

Amit - Fatty Batty / Operator [AMAR005] available for preorder>
shipping out on or around 04 September 2015

clips >

big up AMIT!

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The name is so bad haha but yeah FB is a big tune

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second tune would cause massive dancefloor damage mefinks.

new AMAR release, feeling both but i think the A side takes it for me

I’ve got the entire catalog at hone. big fan. I’M on the shitter right now so I can’t have a look but I also rate the more dnb ones he’s put out like 003/004 I believe (yellow label). That and 4 stories were heavy as fuck.

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(me listening to that)

Here we go Splinters LP is available


Big up this thread resuscitation

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Digital available here : (and more copies of the LP available)

And more vinyl copies here too and probably in few others online shop :[3-x-12]

This one was great