An Interview With Tristan From TRUTH

I had a chance to sit down with Tristan Roake from Truth two weeks ago. here’s the interview:

Lots of great stuff for up and coming producers in here too!

Nice write up, didn’t expect them to have bee touring with Datsik.
I think your usage of the word ‘eponymous’ in the first paragraph is incorrect.

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thanks for compliment and the heads up! just looked it up and I guess I’ve been inferring an additional meaning of “well-known” that wasn’t really accurate. yeah right? they’ve had releases on Firepower but I’ve never heard another Firepower release in any of their mixes so I was curious about that tour when i saw posters for the date that came to my area.

Damn, didn’t even know about that. I don’t really follow them, but I knew they had a pretty legitimate entry to the scene and just didn’t expect datsik, at least as he is now, fucking with them.

it’s really cool to see. they even have a little blurb from him on their website that says “truth is the best thing to ever happen to dubstep in america” haha. i think he’s referring to how tristan lived in SF for several years, considering they’re both from New Zealand lol.

He’s a nice cat. Knows ting or two 'bout the Maori (like the fact that it’s pronounced mow-ree for starters.)

Is there another way to pronounce it? lol.

Most ppl (at least in the US) tend to say MAO-ree, not MOW (or MOE)-ree.

Potatoes, bananas.

it’s actually pronounced more like you’re saying “mouldy”. the r is rolled

You’re right. I actually thought about that a sec writing my last reply but felt it’d get lost on a lot of Anglophones.