An old Loefah dub

thought i’d share this - been after this one for ages after hearing it in an old kode9 x youngsta x task rinse show from 05/06 - s/o grime district fb group for ID’ing it

another lost one, many people know about this one at all??? should have known it was him rly


Will never be released afaik.

About 10 test presses floating about. Good luck finding one.

Blackdown is one of the few people who’s legitabitly got it and plays it.

Pretty well known dub of his tho.

standard - yeah i’m sure i have heard logos play it really recently!! lucky guy

i’m not even gonna waste my efforts trying to find one haha

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shit that got a test press woooah, or do you mean dub, grail…

uk blind the vocal got a release on a way less gnarly instrumental

the plate is pretty cheap and both tunes r fire, particularly the flip where teddy bruckshot made his first appearance

yeah i heard this version first then found that plate when i was looking for it, it’s in the wishlist now so may end up copping at some point

yeah tbh it’s all about the flip on that one

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Etch has it, said there was a couple apparently

He asked loe recently if he can have one of his new dubs and said he has this one and loe was like “how you got it? People shouldn’t be sharing them tunes”… he got it off blackdown for selling all those burial temple vinyls lol.

Must be 5-10 floating about

yeah i remember reading that fb convo slightly, i didn’t know this was the tune in question tho! that’s mad, super rare one!

imagine @'ing loefah for dubs tho…


Don’t ask don’t get

merk it quickly then get paiddd

he sold all the temple sleepers? wattt

like door to door burial salesman

It’s weird how Loefah hates most of his tunes.