Analias (Electronic)

Hello all,

Here’s a page to upload all my stuff as ‘Analias’

Hope you enjoy

It’s a mixture of things really so i’ve just termed it as Electronic.

nice man. you might enjoy trying 3/4, 9/4, etc if you’ve got a thing for wonky experimental stuff.

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Cheers :slight_smile:

you know i’;ve never thought of that i’ll try it…

Badman tunes, badman producer :fist:

Big upsss the Krytikal :blush:

Here’s a few more again

Very interesting experimental off-beat stuff.

Thankyou SOS :slight_smile:

this is all very cool

Thanks Lloyd :slight_smile:

eyy no worries, i took another listen today, really refreshing to hear stuff that doesn’t sound like its trying to sound like something else. So much stuff in Dubs is basically identical :twothumbsup:

Cheers man, I’ve never been good at making a straight dubstep/house/dnb etc tune so everything ends up as a bit of a mash between styles…wish I had a bit more confidence in them tho which I why I’ve posted in here I guess to try and see if its stuff people dig…

Mornin all, just took a 21 track dump on the cloud, best just to post a linky to there rather than individual things as they inevitably end up getting deleted and leaving dead links like above…no use to nobody really so sorry about those !

All sorts of spazmodic beats on there so if you want to get yourself clued up on the in’s and outs of gangstalkingstep, tech-hop and 3-jizz garage then you could do a lot worse than stumbling into my little corner of the internet :slight_smile:

Would be lovely if any of youzz heads could let me know what your feeling, always nice to have a bit of encouragement !

Thakyou :slight_smile:

Edit: posted the link and it just shows you the first track on the page, rather than just taking you to the home page which is a bit shit…annnyway

This is ‘coming out’ on the 9th