Analias - Greyest Hits Vol.1 - INWYKLP001

Hello DSF crew :slight_smile:

Finally got my act together and put this ‘album’ onto Bandcamp.

It’s 15 tracks for £5 or more if your feeling generous :slight_smile:

Mastered by Henry @ HLM (dub-studio)

It’s a mixture of what might be called dance music, though you’d be hard pushed to dance to the darn thing even if you’d had a few cheeky vimto’s! it’s mainly just badly produced attempts at evoking some sort of emotion, be it through the medium of dance or gentle head nodding :slight_smile:

There’s 2 E.P’s of more functional stuff that i’ve got mastered n ready i’m just in two minds as to weather or not to take the risk pressing to vinyl so hopefully if people get behind this then i’ll have some money/confidence to press up records :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the crew that have already shown some love & support towards the stuff on here w/out naming names, pretty much most of the birmingham crew (you know who you are !) and a handfull of safe superstar deejays who’ve all in all given me a bit of faith in my ‘music’ .