Analog Grime

Looking to purchase an analog synth…

I know that realistically any synth could re-creative Grime sounds, but looking for something known to be able to create killer Grime synths, such as square waves, pulses, wobs etc…

Don’t have that much money to spend either :confused:

Anyone lend a hand?



Why? You’ve only just made a thread saying your sound design skills with VSTs aren’t up to scratch. Buying a synth won’t suddenly change that.

Honest opinion, you’re better off learning the VSTs you have inside and out before you consider adding a bit of hardware to your setup.

I have a some what knowledge, I can make Grime sounds like detuned squares and pulses etc…

That thread was more of how can I make a signature sound rather than making sound if you understand…

cheers anyway bro haha :smile:

Synth wise, a MicroBrute will do what you want and won’t break the bank.


Cheers, properly appreciate it :smile:

I spent 18 months with that synth and ended up hating it…it’s the most generic analog out there…the metalizer is about the only characterful thing about it…VSTs can do what it can do…

I don’t know what you’re trying to spend, but you probably want an analog that has at least two oscillators, and that’s slightly costly in the analog world. Maybe a Moog Slim Phatty will do you good, since it’s a great sounding tabletop synth (with no keyboard, I have the Little Phatty which has a keyboard and sounds fantastic, so I know it sounds good from experience), but that things around $600 USD.

if you are willing to deal w the menu diving DSI Mopho Desktop is a beast…


Literally as little as possible, will also look into second hand, but even still around £200 max :confused:

Student life.

Large up for the help though!

What about the Meeblip anode?