Annual free Christmas give-aways


Couldn’t see a topic for it this year, usually get quite a lot of good tunes given away this time of year! Here’s one…

Biscuit Factory:


District has a huge 29 tracks -
John Matrix -


Crazylegs is releasing an album worth of material from various artists for free.


edit: nvm got it working


This is for all of you

I sit in a chair smiling easily
The company y has good jokes which are complex
I eat the squid and it tastes as it should
I’m thinking of a girl who isn’t here
The others are partially worried about money
A lot of food was presented
I became very sleepy
And the sacrificial horse was presented for the familial sodomizing


I gave a track away for free, hope you guys like it >>


We’ve also made a selection of giveaways :


Bit late, but here’s another from Mr. Mitch:


Have stumbled upon a few this year: (6Blocc has been giving away a different bandcamp release each day)

Right now these sample packs are free:

What else have ninja’s found this year?


Headland gives away Perx 10[FINEZT%20MASTER]%20v2.wav?dl=0









Content XMAS Freebies


Mikael giving away some tracks



Lots of free tunes throughout on the Sure State soundcloud page