Any tips and suggestions for a first preformance?

So i actually got my first PERFORMANCE GIG!!!:corndance:
I’m the opening act, kinda eh i get it :corntard: but now its my job to get everyone pumped up for the next act
i have about 30 minutes to set up my set…
do yall think i should do anything special for it design wise?
any props or anything…
i was told to give the mix a coachella style feel to it…so im supposed to be loud and edm-ish
cant wait :gunfinger::badteeth::gunfinger:
Any tips on anything about this please lmk anythin helps

Play burial - untrue for the entire set


You wanna have a selection of cakes ready


Plenty of vocals to get the girls to singalong to. Just make the girls sing and they’ll want to dance and once they’re dancing the boys will follow.

Also remember - if you don’t redline you don’t headline, so crank the mixer as hard as you can.


prerecorded set is the way to go
leaves you with more time for other better activities like drinking and creeping on underage girls


I’d say for a coachella type feel go with mainly jump-up tunes:

performance tips:

Depends on the type of gig and how many people playing etc but for opening I’d suggest starting off relatively chilled and laid back, and building up to more hype stuff towards the end especially if there’s just you and a headliner. Avoid playing too many of the headliner’s tracks if any (if it’s even a DJing gig). Set up any equipment and test, then pack it back up a few times before in your room to get used to doing it fast in the dark. Show up early as possible and make sure you get at least one soundcheck. Always take extra cables, adapters, flash drives, CDs, etc with you. Always.

Thank You for the tips!!!

Thank you, and i think im gonna be the only dj performance too

TRUE AS FUHHH i was thinking about that! i mean i gotta show up the other preformances right?? it is a competition in a way :smiling_imp:

haha that was creepy

oooo catchy!!!

thats probably whats gonna happen!

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This actually feels like something mistabishi would say haha

I’d go for stripper poles and some inflated animals.

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Strongly recommend pugs for this.

If you don’t redline you don’t headline

So sigworthy

Also practice your reactions to all the insane drops, always so let down by DJ’s who focus on mixing instead of showing the crowd how excited they are

Although I see what you mean, once you’ve heard shitty mixing you will appreciate a DJ that focuses on solid mixing rather than moving around and interacting with the crowd. One that can do both, awesome. Mixing > anything else for a DJ in my opinion.