Any underrated artists out there?

Hi. I’m a 16 year old artist from the UK. Wondering if there are any artists out there just starting up that want some poeple to check their soundcloud. I know how hard it is to start up, so want to help others to. Thanks, and don’t forget to check my music too!

My absolute favorite sound designers: Melamin and Wicked Sway. Nobody knows about them which blows my mind

I know lots of underated/unheard of bands and artists :stuck_out_tongue:
(Will post links to stuff when I get home)

Toe: Japanese instrumental band. They make incredible stuff

Yellerkin: band from the US make some really interesting beautiful stuff

Daisuke tanabe: Japanese electronic dude. Haven’t really found anything like it.

Soosh: just found this the other day. Makes chill stuff.

Babokan(? Think that’s his name): some crazy sound design and crazier music.

(I really wish soundcloud had some kind of related searches kind of thing instead of suggesting dres new single cuz I clearly listen to that crap :/)

I like your stuff man
I’m also starting up!
Check out my dubstep track if you want!