Anyone completely switch from Massive to Serum?

I keep hearing how Serum is basically Massive 2, and you can even import the waveforms, etc. etc.

But, Serum is a whole other thing to learn when i already know massive inside and out, costs more money, etc.

The other thing is, as more and more comes out about it, I still have yet to hear something out of Serum that I feel couldn’t have come out of massive as well. If anyone has an example of a very “Serum-y” bass, I’d like to hear it.


Just learn it imo synthesis is good fun

I’d honestly like to, I just thought it might be better to focus on something other than another wavetable synth. And, with the demo it works for only 20 min at a time and I can’t save anything.

Buy it? lol

If you want to hear some “serum-y” basses synthferatu on YouTube does some superb tutorials. I’ve been putting recreating some of his sounds I’m massive on hold but if you can do that in massive I’d just stick to massive. Serum takes eats up a lot of course but it is also a superb vst

Did you try Googling ‘serum bass’? Just did that and got loads of videos coming up showing sound design etc with it.

Yeah I did that on youtube and couldn’t find anything that i thought was very unique or interesting in terms of bass sounds, or at least not to the point where it didn’t sound as if it could have come out of massive.

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