Anyone going remix Datsik's Katana?

So there’s a remix competition on the track Katana. Winner goes to Shambhala music festival and gets to play a 30 minute set there, plus a release on Firepower.

I’m not a big fan of the track but I am a big fan of Datsik.

To donwload stems you need to have a wavo account and follow and like a bunch of stuff. And the stems contain 0 bass samples. So the drops have to be completely resynthesized and remade, I guess they dont want something close to the original.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out HERE.

Anyone excited?

never done a remix, might have a go at this for the bants

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i’ve downloaded the stems and will attempt something. not really that great a remixer. if I were to win which, being the realist that i am, i wont. i don’t know what i would do since i don’t know how to dj outside picking a song and pressing play.


Gonna make a bait dungeon Remix of it

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i was thinking about hitting em up with a corny uk funky summer tune version


"Login with Facebook to participate! "

Fuck off.

EDIT - seen it’s one of those ones where it’s fan voted, so basically whichever EDM retard has the most followers win. This sort of contest just encourages begging on social media.

Anyone got the pack link? Might be some good stems to add to the library regardless.


i heard the first snare drum. then closed my browser and ran away


Tune would actually be sick with just the bottom bass tbh.

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it seems you dont use facebook that much :))
they say that firepower will be choosing the winner but its on wavo so i’m not sure
fan voting is actually a good way of choosing a winner but as you said if you have fewer followers you will be at a disadvantage, its really not fair.

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You’ve downloaded the pack, can you reup it somewhere like zippyshare?


I really want to but I already have like 3 projects in the works :sweat: I’m just gonna download the stems and remix it on my own time. Good luck to anyone who’s entering! :blush: Shoot me links so I can listen and vote to your remix.

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cheers, needed something to do today

would be jokes to have a forum competition for this, like trying to make the most dekmantel friendly version hahah

thanks for the zip, i’d do the fb login but i think friends would have questions about my new datsik interest if it does that auto post crap

It doesn’t. They still will when you post the remix lol

hmm perma-dub strictly for the clubs

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i’m having great fun btw, the katana sound is a fun perc

the thing is, this isnt really remixing, nothing that is used in the drop (the most important part) is given. there is nothing really to remix, you need to create the drop. its a shame really :expressionless:

Lol skn

Maybe you’d be more comfortable with a coloring book.


u prefer it this way?
cant wait to hear your awesome drop