Anyone know what happened to Percept/Marshy?

man had some big tunes, he was the first release on Innamind i think

im pretty sure he used to post on here as well?

seems like he just disappeared off the face of the planet

I feel like I remember him talking about switching his alias and then never hearing about him again

could be wrong tho. 3 years in dubstep time is like a decade and I cant remember shit anymore

^^yeah, that was a nice piece of heavy rumble
and I assume that’s Perverse announcing
who is a great producer himself
(could even be Percept)

& what about Cessman?
is he playing breakstep sets in old people’s homes now days?
(prompted by listening to a mix of his from the day)

@Jook: maybe yu could turn this into a Whatever happened to …? thread
no maybe not…most of the missing probably wanna stay lost.

Rah I swear I was thinking to make this thread the other day #greatminds