Anyone want to collab?

I’m stuck, I have an intro, break after the drop section and an DnB type of outro, i just haven’t got a clue of what to do for the drop, so, I was wondering if anyone would want to collab and get this track finished?

Desperation prob isn’t the best reason to collab. Collaborations should be because you think the result will be interesting &/or you think you will enjoy working with that person.

For something like dnb/ ‘droppy’ type music for lack of a better word, its prob best to start with the drop as its easier to work backwards from your most energetic part, everyone’s been there.

if you have a build up you really like try looping 4/8 bars of its most basic form and ignore what you have done for now (drums and maybe a vocal or simple melody), and try the usual suspects (Reese, hammer type synths etc) you can actually just dump in loops to see what works then if you get a spark of inspiration. then work backwards and take what you like from your original intro/ breakdown but mind if may need a lot of changing to fit your ‘drop’ now.

Objekt said in his Q&A on the forum that it usually took a high number of building up and down the tune till he got the final result so don’t get too attached to your original idea.


Can I see a link to your other material?

What lye said is the truth. Collabing won’t help u make a good tune if that’s the reason. U will get SOMETHING but nothing great if your just plonking someone else’s mid section into the tune.

Just keep writing loads and loads of tracks til u get a Good one. Then maybe make a few more similar to the layout of the gooood one so you can see why it turned out good.
I think after 6ish years I’m still no happy with my shit . think it takes some time and practice (a different amount for different people)

i agree with @Lye_Form regarding drops. i always write my drops first as that the most energetic part of the song/ where i put most of the elements. its easier to break down the individual elements from there and write the other parts. I personally have trouble writing a drop when I have established other parts of a song. if all else fails, just set the song aside and work on others. some of my best songs came from loops i created six months prior. for every 10 songs you compose, one or a few are bound to be good. i have 100’s of loops/songs that will probably never tickle the drum of an ear. also check out splice if you haven’t good platform for collabs.

I’m down, send me a message, ‘venomofficial’ on SoundCloud. I have the same sorta problem, an idea might not be going somewhere and sometimes you want someone’s input, I see the positive and negative of this.

Creatively it can be helpful, if you think it’ll help go for it :slight_smile:

im not a producer, im a composer (uses a piano) but when i get stuck i usually just give up and start hitting notes, its hard to explain but just pick a root or sound you like and keep going back there when you run out of ideas, try and just hit single notes, and if you dont like how something sounded ignore it and move on, just try your best to trust in your hearing ability

Was going through some old projects and found one that i have no idea what to do with it and thought to ask someone to take it over.

But then I read through this thread and im like fuck am I collabing for the wrong reason?

Anyway with that bein said, anyone willing to trade projects back and forth? I’m always interested in hearing how my style meshes with others, and it’s always fun to hear an end result


I’m personally starting to realize that everything I get stuck on a tune it actually just kinda sucks. There’s probably something good in it, you just gotta take that part, whether it’s just one of the 10 sounds you made or a beat, and make something new.

A good track probably won’t be hard to write


I feel that. A lot of my projects are more exploratory in nature. Often ill just throw shit at the wall and get some sounds out there and later come back, delete everything and start actually songwriting


I’m pretty sure Rusko is down to collab.


I’ve started mentally dividing these sessions up. It’s easier to go in with a sound design mindset and sit for hours, not focusing at all on making a track, than the other way around.

@Tolsof and @Stance_ReThinK I guess we could try out some more organized collabing, there’s probably more people interested in that. I’d be up for giving it a whirl.

DSF collab EP eh?

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I’m down for it. I’ve got tons of half finished tunes

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im down dsf collab ep lets go

I want to collab

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