Apple’s relationship with pro music needs some mending

It’s a work issued phone - but I’ve sunk plenty into apps and hardware accessories.

That’ll really make up for all the useless shit they have been doing recently

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Especially considering that all it took was for 'em to add a codec and voila.


Hey thanks! That’s gut news.

Windows cheap, but unstable. Apple expensive but stable. Hmmm…

Not true at all tbh.


i really dont know what people are doing with their pcs to make them “unstable”

my windows desktop’s regularly powered on for 30+ days at a time, no issues

people just like apple cos nothing happens when they accidentally click phishing exe links on the bestiality websites they regularly visit


Again I use many different laptops in a professional context, which makes a difference because it means I interface with all kinds of equipment like video switchers, projectors, light desks, wireless audio receivers and video servers. When I have my mbp with me, there’s no doubt in my mind I can do whatever a client throws at me. Obviously there are
limitations to what runs on the OSX platform and there’s certainly jobs for which you shouldn’t want to run it at all, but I know plenty of people in video and programming who
run Linux or Windows on an Apple machine.

I’m sure there’s equally good and stable windows dekstops and laptops, but I just haven’t had the experience with them.

So my opinion on this is purely based on my experience. This is just my input on the matter. I don’t think of myself as an Apple fan at all, but they’ve made some solid computers.

except right click

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? I can right click fine on both platforms that I run.

That feeling when you can’t find the right adapter for your Mac and you know you’ll have to spend $80 from Apple for a new one.

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Or that it just doesn’t plan exist. When they removed the audio jack they made my QuNexus basically half as useful because there’s no way to charge, control, and monitor at the same time - pick 2.

That was basically the end of my stint as an iOS fanboi.

I honestly think there’s a huge biz opp for someone to come up with an affordable prosumer audio ecosystem with a music and media oriented OS (maybe a flavor of Linux underneath) and dedicated mobile and hardware devices following. Solid hardware w a basic but customizable design, routing flexibility baked in, regular updates w a lot of input from the user community…

It’ll happen some day. I’ll probably be 62 but hey, rave on. :badteeth:


Build da hackintosh if you want osx tbh. There are proper workarounds now so you can use almost any hardware you want

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For a laptop? What hardware would you use? It would have to be a laptop from an existing
manufacturer right?

Would be sick if I could have a better laptop made than runs osx. Probably still expensive though.

Interesting. If I decide to ditch macbook pro I’d definitely like to keep running OSX.
Quick bing search tells me it’s also fairly easy on various laptops.

*Actually, looking into it further… when you successfully install OSX on some of the laptops
that people recommend you buy for this, some stuff simply won’t work and you will need to
do some -imo dodgy- fixes or even replace some hardware. On three of the recommended laptops people report significant issues with wi-fi after installing OSX for example.