Apple’s relationship with pro music needs some mending

Good read.

We meed a music-specific OS at this point imo.

When I was working in digital distribution, Apple / iTunes were the worst to deal with and I was dealing with everyone. Beatport, Juno, Traxsource, Digital Tunes, Spotify, Amazon etc etc.

music-specific OS

Just in the case you have a spare 25 grands laying around. (EDIT: probably runs on windows tho).

Read the article. Don’t really know what to say. I’m not an Apple fanboy, but the main thing is that I like OSX way more than Windows. Or let’s put it this way: OSX is just fine, but I hate Windows. The price & policies are very troubling however. For example, if this Macbook I’m on right now would stop working, I’ve had 2 options:

Option A. Buy a new one (1100-1200€ again)

Option B. Buy some 700€ PC (or a 500€ for PC + 200€ for an external soundcard) and spend that remaining 500€ to jump from Logic to Cubase/Nuendo/whatever else that has better or equally good audio editing/processing capabilities and so good stock synths and effects.

Option B would basically give me more processing power, a new DAW license, and possibly a better soundcard. However, it would force me to sit on Windows and judging how it looks on phones and my Xbox One, I wouldn’t exactly want it on my computer.

Option C would be that if there is or if there’s ever gonna be some Linux-based music production OS, that would be dope too. Wouldn’t be surprised about one tbh, since there’s stuff like Kali (Linux-based OS solely designed for hacking). So why couldn’t there be one for music production?

But for real, if that would happen right now, it’s these policies that go worse all the time that would make me go with B. And the same goes if I had the money to build an actual home-studio. Headphone jack removal, dumb market-competition moves like not giving shit if NI software works on the latest OSX, all file transfers between i-devices still happening only through iTunes still in 2016.

So in a nutshell, love their products, but hate the way how the company works and operates and doesn’t accept the fact that after somebody buys your product, it should be in his control, not in your
company’s control anymore.

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Their blatant disregard for the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is pretty fucking maddening for sure.

And other things too. Stuff that both their hardware and software are capable of doing and are not illegal, but are still blocked away from their customers because company wants more money & control. Like not being able to install absolutely anything into your iPhone that isn’t from App Store (hence the whole “jailbreaking” circus).


Just get windows 7 it’s got nothing to do with Xbox or phones window Os.
Apple is never worth the price imo. I don’t understand what you get extra for the price.

Turns out there are dedicated Music OS’s and ISO suites that are pretty self-contained (above and beyond a standard DAW)…

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I don’t understand what you get extra for the price.

In today’s world, probably nothing except possibly durability and hmm… should I say integration (is that even a word in english?)? I’ve never had any “dumb” problems on my Macbook, unlike I did on Windows, but then again, these problems can be always solved if the user has any patience (they’re just annoying) so it’s really not giving Apple much edge. I think that is however the only good thing in Apple’s way to control what people are doing with their shit.

This is what made me switch from mac to pc years ago, never looked back. Mac’s are just over-priced pretty boxes, the new trash can mac (their flagship workstation) is useless for expansion unless you compromise the whole point of it’s design - aesthetics - by having loads of crappy expansion boxes hanging out the bottom of it - and then you just end up with a crippled frankenstein of a machine anyway.

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First the Surface Studio and now this piece.

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer


Lol apple have always made everything crap and people wat it up. Now they’ve gone too far and people are fibally saying enough is enough

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This is exactly what I do. I want to use OS X for Logic Pro, but spending money on an Apple computer which has FAR less computing power than I can build myself for a much lower price is silly.

Yeah there are actually a lot of options, the issue is lack of official support, some issues with VST, and the “hip” factor.

Should also mention Ableton Live and FL are reported to work fine under WINE. Of course there will be the occasional compatibility issue, especially with plugins. Bitwig is also cross-platform, and an interesting newer option is the cross-platform DAW Harrison Mixbus which is based upon the Ardour codebase, and the Ardour project actually gets money from sells.

Here’s a couple other full blown music and art focused operating systems I’ve mentioned in a similar discussion on another forum - resources/info


then again why cater to the needs of a very specific niche of hard to please nerds when a bit of clever marketing can get the unwashed masses to queue for days for inferior hardware


Now that I think about it:

The iPhone 7 was really deliberate crippleware foisted off on Apple consumers-at-large and musicians specifically - removing the analog audio jack without having a way to simultaneously charge, monitor, and plug in a MIDI controller [via their proprietary and not modestly-priced camera kit adapter, sold separately] - translates in literal terms to a subtraction from advertised I/O specs.

Now that the latest/costliest beasties support wireless charging it’s less of a liability for them; surely there’s an adapter they’re happy to sell you which allows charging + camera kit MIDI controller support. Oh, and maybe a pair of laggy lo-fi Beats Bluetooth headphones for monitoring just so they can say it wasn’t impossible so hey no blame for Cook & co.

But honestly iPhone 7 owners like myself should have serious reason to review why they chose the “it just works” brand at this point besides Android’s [still] ridiculous latency. There’s a serious disconnect between mothership Cupertino and the peasant bards whose cred they seek without actually hearing or acknowledging the same.

Maybe it’s better to get an old GSM phone for calls and then something else for mobile music making that doesn’t pull this bullshit… or, I don’t know, doesn’t track me all day long to help advertisers try and game me to add insult to injury.

FFS Apple. Really?

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why did you buy it anyway?

i feel you, sometimes you buy stuff and then you’re like “why did i give these guys money, i should know better”

for instance, i’m about to reach a new low and order a jeff goldblum shower curtain