Arca (Producer behind FKA Twigs, Kanye West, Björk)

IM NEW TO THIS FORUM, Is this the wrong genre? It’s kinda hard to place certain artists. I thought this is the most similiar in a way.

To me a super interesting producer that really should get discussed. I love his sound and the dark feeling that sometimes remind me of Burial and other similar producers. He has the same experimental feeling as Aphex to me aswell.

Yeah bit of a weird one to place. I do rate his LP alot, still not managed to pick up tickets to a gig tho

interesting but haven’t heard enough to form a valid opinion. Who produced papi pacify? If it’s this guy then kudos to him

He has a full LP out man plus like 3 different prod mixes on his SC!

yeah his LP last year was really good. also enjoyed that Stretch 2 release on UNO a few years ago - this one is big

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Yeah him and herself, she is also a great producer really. She speaks on it in this interview at around 7:30 and forward

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Yeaah i love his work with the vocals, it’s like you heard it before but still he has something that is really different from other artists

Xen is an amazing album

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