Are there any serious producers who want to make a skype group

Is there anyone out there who spends the majority of their free time producing who is down to have a skype group,

basically to share production techniques, give feedback, and recreate sounds together?

I think that would be dope.

you’d be best creating a Discord server imo, it’s much better than skype for that kinda thing in 2016

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cool, im currently switching operating systems and reinstalling a bunch of stuff but i should be good to go by tomorrow or the next day, ill add you guys!

Get me in on this.

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Hell yes. Ive been saying and attempting an online ubjam band for couple years…but getting able minded talented artist together that actually have a grasp on the concept is like pulling teeth from the toothless. (S.o.s) stony online studio founder of modspot radio inside modnationracers for ps3. Hmu
Tony broadwater

Also it can be done from a game consule even easier.with better results. Ps3 ps4. And if you can imagine the one band that does it first is going to blow up bcuzz hasn’t been done yet. Also no limits on distance. So people that would otherwise never be able to ever meet or calaborat. Disappear. The audio codec is the key. I have alot of unfounded technology that i would love to get off the ground with another oulet. So lets get started. …

Wtf flagged as spam? Fuckin bullshit! Its not spam if its inside a private topic of the forum! Lame i give a shit its what i do and i aint trying to sale anyone on my style or my bazillion dollar ideas! Eat ass niqqa

Im totally down! Online badass skype band or better yet a consul band…hmu tony

Did this get done?