Artikal Music



New signing, Causa

This guy truly deserves a nice 12"


sick, looking forward to that one




hope Monkey Jam is one of the Causa tunes!


I’m guessing one of the J:Kenzo radio rips


Unfortunately Stages and Donknow are digital only.


D-Operation Drop Ft. Vale -Trident / Common Rules spotted on Redeye!

Was wondering when it would come out, really digging those horns


Big! Seriously those horns straight to the heart



Still waiting on this one… :crying:




just bagged that one - Daredevil is nuts lol


Up now on Bandcamp, red edition vinyl. Wonder if its exclusive or if others are also carrying it?
Big up, Argo. Booked him earlier this summer for a gig in Stockholm, such a nice dude and talented producer.


Argo says there is 300 copies red edition available on the Artikal bandcamp, no idea if the retailers have got some too.

Edit: I didnt expected to receive a red edition from redeyerecord, but thats nice


Lol copped the one on redeye, then when i saw the bandcamp red vinyl i thought it’d be rude not to, so copoed that too. They turned up and they’re both red vinyl :lol_og: