Artikal Music

Next release is Piezo, Italian business.

can not find any previews though

never heard of Piezo but Artikal’s stuff is usually pretty on point. Will check it when it comes out.

get to know :open_mouth: piezo is a badman
havent heard this one but will probs be fire, really good label, ipmans release on there and thelems haunted harmonics are my faves


I think Piezo has a free download up via FKOF aswell.

Here it is: Piezo - Comma

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Sick label

^underrated biz


Piezo has/had a really sick tune called Wonka floating about.

Haven’t heard any previews of these tunes but if it that tune was renamed Conquer or Space Conjectures I will definitely be purchasing.

oh fuck, i had absolutely no idea, Conquer is Wonka.

Big tune, huge plate, will absolutely be copping. Big up piezo and kenzo. B-side sounds pretty interesting as well.

The entire release is big! But conquer… sick business.
Artikal doesn’t disappoint.

Jeeeeeeez Conquer is a big one!

Oi Conquer

Absolute insta-jackum

double o one anyone?

just had the pleasure of moving my entire collection and stumbled across that. still a bigun!

edit: don’t we have smaller sc players?

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Conquer is nuts, big release

Are there any news about the format and releasedate out yet?

definitely 12" / digi

dunno about date

I remember hearing it’s a 2x12", so it’ll probably be 4 tracks.

It’s more than 4…

Oh yeah you’re probably right. I was thinking there was going to be a track per side like a lot of 2x12" releases these days.

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