Artwork - Red ep

Does anybody know where I can buy a good quality, legal mp3 of the ep? Shame it’s so obscure for how good it is!

Can’t get it from anywhere, big apple closed down a long time a go plus I wouldn’t class it as obscure, certainly a classic.
Edit: Actually red is on the roots of dubstep.

i’d really like digi for rank, red is pretty easy to find it’s on a few classic dubstep comps i think so on itunes, beatport

i’d really like em to upload all their releases to digi if hatcha or someone ever gets the time…

If that’s not obscure, I don’t know what is :badteeth:

The roots of dubstep need a dye job.

But srsly - big big choon. Actually remember when it came out. It’s weird to me to think of this as some kind of golden oldie.


Red also appears on FabricLive 12, FabricLive 63 and Hatcha’s 100% Pure Dubstep compilations

doubt he’s looking to buy a snippet from a mix cd tbf

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FabricLive 12 one is first track so you don’t get a mix on the start and it runs quite long before the next track comes in, so you pretty much get the whole thing

mad, it’s track 5 on my copy

lol ur right, same here, it starts right on the first drop, thought that was the start when I quickly listened in my itunes. The Hatcha comp you arguably get more but it still starts on the first drop, FabricLive63 is the worst one - loads of blending either end.