Asap Rockys new album

thoughts on this? only listened to it once but sounded alright I’d say, been seeing love it for though

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Only heard that LSD song. Surely Yams had fuck all to do with that monstrosity?

no idea tbh

worst album cover this side of the millennium

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well good thing art is subjective :grin: but it’s a lot better than hip hop/rap mixtape covers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I really liked the album art.

Haven’t listened yet… Worth it?

that was the golden age of mixtape covers ya dummy

like Rigby once said. “one mans trash is another mans pleasure.”

Definitely worth a listen I’d say

is clams doing some beats on there ?

Based on my 30 second look at production credits on Wikipedia yesterday, no. I might be wrong though

Really liking this, listened through a few times now. Excuse Me is so so good, as is Canal St, defoes stand outs for me so far!

this was ok but why did every song have to have a terrible dentist waiting room alt rock chorus


will have to listen then