Asian Girlz!

EDIT: Re-titled the thread for hits.

I’m a bit of a fan of 9muses.

Also check out the relative rythmic sophistication of this tune:

Bulk links plz.

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do you want music we actually like or just loads of girls?

I know music is subjective but…

Whatever gets replies.

That’s just your opinion.

quite enjoyed the album this was on (lyrics on this are baaaaddddd though lol), especially the ballady bits.

another good album

posted this already around the place. super bait but i like it.

not a big fan of this tune or her solo stuff in general really, fan of her though. filmed in NZ too.

crap songs but…

recent fave

love perfume too, jpop stuff sounds a lot slicker than kpop i should listen to it more.

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recent k-banger I’m feeling.

severely played out since release but it’s grown on me.


im horny

those first two tunes from my other post sound like complete shit now, what was I thinking?

tune of the year hands down, better than all their other stuff combined. solid as a rock r&b-ish ballad. video is pretty good too.

grown on me since it came out, their new single isn’t so bad either. fighting back from adversity!

tunes kinda meh, english lyrics don’t help. but…

Smtown bringing the fire as per usual.

Only kpop I’ve been listening to recently is taeyeon and tiffany’s stuff… Mostly for the videos -_-

yeah SM are the big dogs, actually having a good crack at markets outside SK and Japan. strong choice with Tiffany too.

What’s up with all the underscores?