Awkward room treatment/New monitors

I’m moving into a new place. I have been using
headphones forever, but I have the ability to use monitors now, so I’ve
decided to go with the Yamaha HS8s and the HS8S sub, as I mostly make
bassy music, and have an understanding that they have a very flat
response and good quality for the price range.
The problem is, i’m worried about acoustically treating the
room. The room is pretty big, and akward shaped. I will be sharing the
room with my wife, so i’ll only be making noise when she is at work and I
am not, and it’s going to be tough to convince her to let me hang a
bunch of acoustic treatment stuff, as it will ruin her decor(Women!
I have two main concerns…
Will I need the 8" cones, seeing as how I’m getting a sub? Should I
go with the cheaper 5 or 6.5 inch ones, or is there a benefit to using
the 8s seeing as how the low end will mostly be taken care of by the
My other concern is about the room itself, it’s a “U” shape with a
bathroom against the middle of one wall. She wants to stick me in a
corner, obviously. it’s about 30 feet wide, with an A frame ceiling that
is like 4’ high on the sides and 15’ high in the middle. I have heard
that bigger rooms need less treatment, and she wouldn’t like the look of
it, unless it’s vitally important. I was wondering if anyone had any
input about either the subs or the room itself.
I’ve uploaded a beautiful artistic representation of the room at imgur dot com slash NSs0gwW. Thanks for any and all input guys!

Hey man. I have a really well treated room, but I just bought sonarworks monitor reference which tune’s you room with eq, and whatever else they are using in the program. It helped even my well treated room quite a bit. Might be worth checking out.

actually having a non-square room is going to help more than hurt you, gearslutz forum would probably be a better place for this question, they will be able to give you suggestions based on dimensions of your room.

If its a small room get smaller speakers. And yea a square room causes the worst room modes from what I have been told so your ahead of the game if u don’t have parallel walls!