Background sounds and ambience

Some of the best tracks tend to have at least some subtle background noises and ambience. That includes pads, background arps, ambient robot noises, etc. What are your best examples?

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This definitely have some good atmosphere, that’s for sure.

Yes it does. Sometimes you need to take influence from other styles of music.


I can’t think of an examples rn, but I once made some sick pads recording and processing my washing machine and gently pressing my finger on a bike tyre whilst it was stood upside down and the tyre span. Careful not to jam your finger and chop it off though! :wink:


rolling your from field recordings usually sounds best, I like to cut up pieces parta into loops and construct something that is uneven w the structure of the track. I might make an exception if I think something will do well for impact or transition, cut that bit out and place accordingly. play with stetch and pitch, careful use of filters, fx and layering if you really want a rich, organic background.

I hate to say “just experiment” but in regards to these kinds of sounds…just going down the rabbit hole w no set plan has yielded the best results for me.

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Here is one of my atmospheric sounds.


Yeah I heard Zomby’s remixing “Caterpillar Anal Drumming”.

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