Backing Up

Recently I committed productive suicide; lost about 8 years worth of samples to the recycle bin.
I wanted to ask, since this has happened to me too many times, how do you go about backing things up? How frequently do you do it? Any free and/or affordable cloud methods you know of/use?
Figured I’m not the only one who stands to gain from this.

Buy external hardrive -> transfer everything you want on there -> ??? -> profit

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Cobian backup works for me. Very simple. Choose the folders or disks you want to mirror, and it mirrors them to another drive.

Doesn’t stop you pressing delete by accident though

If you wanna do things “the pro way”, no clouds. In fact, your production machine shouldn’t be even connected to internet at all (to be 100% safe from viruses). Cloud accounts can get hacked or some shithead working there can fuck things up.

As far as I’ve understood, USB hard drives/sticks are the way to go. Gonna get one myself as soon as have any money.

Two different desktop computers on my LAN with large hard drives backing up my laptop plus external drives.

I should set up a RAID system at some point and set up a backup software system but this works for now as all of the devices are not always on. I manually backup periodically but should probably do it more.