Bandulu Appreciation Thread




yeah banger at 26:10, rinse podcasts hurt my ears tho :hear_no_evil:

Boofy’s sitting on another one I didn’t hear in that mix - around 1:15:00 in this mix


Whats the ID of the first track pls?
Commodo? Big tune!


new bandulu for 11,99 from bristolbeats:


How do you guys find the master and pressing on the Hi5ghost EP?


the boofy tune on this :gunfinger:


fucking had one in my cart on whitepeach, by the time i did the paypal dance it was sold out. and gone from my cart. everyone else either crashed or sold out already. not even up on redeye yet


Lol, had on in my cart at Redeye … but when i wanted to place an order i got an error page … out of stock :man_shrugging:t3:


I was refreshing redeye, then walked out the room for less than a minute, came back and it was sold out :joy:

Plain sleeve it is then


Redeye dropped it too early. Again. Screenshot was made yesterday.



This is the first full artwork Bandulu I managed to cop.
By the way, no idea if these are rips coming from the label or is someone just really fast but they’re all up on youtube.


Maybe rhey were coppable in-store at Idle Hands
Bristol ting


they weren’t they’re selling them today



Leaked promos methinks. At any rate, they’re no longer accessible.


So basically you can’t buy or listen to these tunes. Why are they even bothering to release them?


it’s easy to get pissed off at Bandulu (I missed this one too after having it in my fucking cart at white peach), but tbf to them they just wanna release records with some nice artwork sleeves which, for logistical reasons, they can only make 500 copies of. Demand far outweighs supply, so a lot of people are gonna be disappointed.

There will be plenty of the plain sleeves version in 2 weeks time for those who missed the artwork sleeve.


Lol wtf I just wanted to download them and enjoy my HQ rips on the way home


Not really pissed off tbf, I’m slowly but surely losing interest in this type of music so I’m not even mad at missing out, but taking this step back makes me even more puzzled by their tactics.

I hate plain sleeves. Their artwork is dope. I don’t give af about silkscreen prints. Why don’t they make normally printed sleeves? I dunno. Sounds like some stupid hipster shit to me. But hey, it’s their label, they can do whatever the fuck they want to with their releases.


yeah agreed, they should do some cheapo printed sleeves for the masses