Bandulu Appreciation Thread


here is the audio preview of the new Bandulu Records release, this time coming from the don Boofy with a 4 track...

Posted by Kahn on Tuesday, January 12, 2016



dat last track


Wasn’t sure if I wanted this but then I remembered I have money now, will be copping


Yes, pretty cool again!


Tbh, not feeling this one at all. Pretty big let down as far as Bandulu and Boofy go, imho.


yeh I’m a bit disappointed too tbh, it’s ok but not even in the same league as 005


006 released at 4pm today exclusive to rwdfwd


006 is on rwdfwd now, bit earlier than 4. wasn’t even going to cop but i was transfixed by the promise of the limited screen printed version and gave in


up on rwd fwd 10 mins early


lol out of stock already


was out of stock at 16.02haha


Really?! “We’ve got loads so you don’t have to be ordering 4 on the dot”

Ffs. I was stuck on a fucking plane til 4:45.

Haven’t redeye started doing first pressings of bandulu?


they put it up at 3.50, gutted. im guessing they will repress though, nope rwdfwd have online exclusive


Missed it too… Checked at 4 pm and the stock was far gone! Fingers crossed to see it pop up at redeye!


They do repress but its a plain sleeve. I’ve got all the other bandulus first pressing with printed cover :unamused:

Hopefully the discogs prices won’t be toooooooo mental.


There a copy on discogs for £40 already haha


Yeah I’ll give that a miss lol. I probably won’t pay over £20. Other bandulus have gone for around that before.

Dunno why theres so much hype around this one.

Also what happened to Breen?


yeah itll come up for a decent price eventually, i missed out on percy, got a 1st edition copy for £25 on discogs in the summer. i havent heard anything from him. theres nothing on hes soundcloud since hooded up.


I’m in york but convinced a m8 to pop into idle hands on their way home from work for me. Bagged like the 4th out the shop :grin: