Barely Alive-ish Sounds

So I was listening to this track and it sounds super dope (even tough its not BA I think it sounds fucking sick) well anyways I wounder how he made two “basses” in this track

the first one being that kind of metallic whomp sound around 0:01/0:02

and the higher screech sound around 0:16/0:17

here is the sc link:

I tried to remake these basses befor and I got kind of close but everytime I listen to it I realize that my sounds are sort of to “mteallic” his is more like a growly kinda think (talking about the whomp bass)

Any help would be highly appriciated ! :slight_smile:

Without revealing to much, I think that this sounds could be achieved by creating a metallic patch with a normal high res filter…followed by an alternating comb filter. The comb filter part is very tricky since a minor adjustment could make or break the whole sound.

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I totaly forgot comb filter dude ! thanks a bunch

So I tried but… well yeah it didnt happen I dont know

just to make clear I mean this bass btw. (because I discribed it badly)

here is my poorly version

I tried the comb filter thing but yeah as you can hear I guess I got it wrong can anyone give me some pointers maybe you @dansci ? :c

Screenshot the patch you used

here you go

I’m always really curious about BA’s distortion, all of their midrange sounds have a very specific distorted sound to them. It’s almost like this woody sounding shell of distortion.

Although, in their tutorials in doesn’t seem like they do anything out of the ordinary. I suspect they’ve got something weird going on their “pre-master” bus where the mids go.



Some of BA’s Tutorials say that they like to use A.I. Wave a lot maybe they used it?