Bass Origin/Recreation?

Havent posted in ages dunno if this is the right thread
but cant figure out how to recreate that bass starting at 0:40
heard it in a few dif tunes but thats the one i remember

sounds like lowpassed detuned square waves with some extra processing
edit: maybe a reese underneath the stabs

results of 2 minutes in vital, doesn’t sound as great, but i think it’s the same basic sounds

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i dont have anything useful to contribute but nice to see you back in here m8 :adios:

good to hear you’re still making music

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oh wow thats close
could you send me the preset (fi you saved one)?
thanks either way
(still thinking it might be some preset of some older synth but forgot )

ah never really stopped but my pc broke down few years ago :confused:
but could upgrade finally to 64 bit which is nice lol
how you doing?

didn’t save it, sorry mate, but it was really just two detuned squarewaves going through a lowpass filter that had an envelope closing it over a short amount of time for that ‘wow’ sound :slight_smile:

ah ok
yeah i thought squares too cause its a straight grime sound
but sounds bit like autechre lol dunno maybe its really just that simple
(i tried with pitch maybe that was the wrong approach)
would you recommend vital over older vsts like massive?

all good, u still producing on that mōg alias?

Hm actually started few weeks ago
So Not Sure
But i think for now Just for my Brother again
So bruy blanc


hey man! good to see ya posting :slight_smile:

DSF Sample Pack Competition 52 NO RESTRICTIONS! - #37 by TheSleepwalker :wink:

cool that you guys keep it up
but no more tuna ?

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Basically Tuna mkII

No more tuna :frowning:

Maybe again someday…

How different was tuna, surely we can resurrect it?

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was fun
every week one tune
that was the rules lol

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Mate we have trouble getting ppl to submit a tune in 4 weeks these days!!