Bassweight documentary: exists...where?

Anybody know where I can find this documentary? I’m interested in doing my own doc about the current state of dubstep and other electronic music, and I don’t want to repeat information that’s been stated in other docs already, but I can’t seem to find this one at all! Is it unavailable now?
Thanks guys, I appreciate it.


I recommend the “Living In The Speaker” doc.

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Yeah I searched YT also the other video sharing sites like daily motion etc. to no avail.

Thanks man!


YES!!! Thank you so much!

watch out, dr gats will prob ban u


shit :frowning: didn’t want to get anyone banned!

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i was just about to post a new topic about this, just stumbled across it, 25 mins in it’s great, the benny ill bit where he’s surrounded by a wall of vhs’ is so jokes

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seckle’s americaaaan???


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Best bit is Pokes & Boomnoise buying guinness

Haven’t seen this in time, need to watch it again

love that tune at the start. called uprise. wow, soooo good

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haha the pokes and boomnoise show, that was a weird bit

kode9 and the speak and spell as well lol


this one >>>


I need to rewatch this, i’ve still got the DVD lying around

Haven’t seen this in a few years, will give it another watch.

Benny Ill is a strange man / underrated genius


I own it on DVD, but the copy is lost somewhere in my house… I know you can buy it off Discogs and Amazon but that’s both from 3rd party sellers and not the manufacturer. Risky unless labeled mint.